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Top 5 Things You Should Do Before You List Your Home For Sale

It can be an exciting and overwhelming process when listing your home for sale. There is so much to take care of to get your home in the right condition for buyers to see. Whether your local real estate market is strong, and you are competing against many other homes, or you are the only home on your street for sale, there are a few key steps you should take to maximize the value of your property. Here are the top 5 things you should do before you list your home for sale. 1. Walk-thru Before doing anything, take a minute to walk through your entire home. Look at what things a buyer might notice such as stains on the carpet, rooms that need to be painted, holes in the wall, or pealed paint. While it can be difficult to notice these things as this is the home you have lived in, it is important to notice every little detail. You may need to have a friend come over or hire someone to do a walk-thru with you. 2. Repair After you have done a walk-thru and seen what needs to be fixed, start the repair phase. Fix...


Shutters Helping Your Home Sell

When potential buyers are looking at a home, many upgrades get their attention. Floor tile, fireplace, and tile backsplash are some popular additions to a home. One upgrade, however, really makes homebuyers take notice. That upgrade is plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are interior shutters installed inside a window. Though the name is often used to describe any interior window shutters. The panels can be adjusted as needed to let in light or to keep it out. This adds shade to a home and can even help reduce the energy bills. Shutters also add privacy in areas that require it. For this reason, many people install plantation shutters in large windows over the bathtub or in the bedroom. Many people also use plantation shutters in windows facing the street. Plantation shutters can be used in every window in the home, but the cost for this would be great. Plantation shutters are available in most every type of wood or in vinyl. Customers looking for a stained look should buy wooden shutters as vinyl offers...


Console Tables - A Great Addition When Trying To Sell Your Home

In this down housing market, if you are one of the millions who are trying to sell a home, you understand how tough it is right now. For the most part there are more homes on the market then people wanting to buy them. That means all aspects of your home and every detail you add, or forget, are going to count. This is a good time to take a walk through and see what your house is missing. Often the answer is console or sofa tables. First Impressions - What is the first thing people are going to see when they walk into your home? Is there anything welcoming them into the foyer? If they have an umbrella in hand, a purse, a package, where are they going to put these items? This is one of the many uses for console tables in a home. They are essentially a welcoming hand that will take whatever the potential homeowner needs to put down. A table in the entryway is also a great place to leave any extra brochures you have created to show off you home. Giving them pictures to take with them may help them remember your...


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